February 20, 2015

Metro Monochromatic: A-Lined Skirt and New Balance

This winter has been unrelenting and doesn't seem to cease any time soon. Outside is blanketed in snow accompanied by excruciating wind. Despite the frigid temperature, the scene is ideal for a photo shoot of snow angels, artistic and expressive shots like something taken out of photojournalism or cinematography. 

These photos were taken a while back when the weather was pleasant and breezy -long before the season has transitioned into its current state of monochromatic stillness.  
Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: Express
Shoes: New Balance 501
Sunglasses: Marshalls

Today marks the day after Lunar New Year. From another perspective, it's also a limbo state between yesterday and tomorrow -full of reminiscence and hopefulness. For what day or state it may be, I wish you a happy one.