November 28, 2013

Autumn Hues: Plaid Flannel Shirtdress

Just a quick post to share a few pictures taken last month when fall was pretty chilly instead of full-swing winter weather blasting outside. 
Top: Shirtdress - Gap; Sweater - Ann Taylor
Shoes: Kohl's
Bag: Asos similar
Sunglasses: Marshalls

Although I love the colors and plaid pattern (my current fall favorite trend!), I wouldn't recommend this flannel shirtdress as it's very thin, clingy, and wrinkle-prone. 

Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you for reading!

July 21, 2013

Closet Remix: White Tunic & Floral Denim Skirt

One of my goals in starting a fashion blog is to breathe life to items, I already owned, that haven't gotten enough wear. As much as I like to shop, I prefer to maintain a curated closet with classic and versatile pieces. I have yet to achieve this objective, but notice tiny improvements such as choosing neutral colors items and avoiding trendy pieces. 
Shirt: Wet Seal
Skirt: Target kids
Shoes: New York & Company
Hat - Wet Seal similar; Necklace - Forever 21

Personally, I prefer wearing shorts under skirts and dresses to avoid any mishaps -thanks to my Mom for having instilled this habit in me at a young age : ).
Sunglasses: Marshalls

As July draws to an end for August to begin, I feel bittersweet for many reasons. Hope you enjoy the remaining days, and look forward to a new month ahead!   
carefree summer days enjoyed with bunnies hopping and birds chirping

July 12, 2013

Fitting Room Review: Banana Republic's Post-Independence-Day Sale


June and July are months of major retail sales with plenty of shops running their semi-annual clearance and various steep discounts. Yesterday as I was walking to Macy's for an errand, I casually glanced at Banana Republic and noticed their orange door sticker of 40% off. I retraced several steps to check if I misread the sign because BR rarely offers a steep discount. Turned out, it was extra 40% off sale items! 

1) Essential Silk/Cotton V-Neck (XS; pale gold)
Essential Silk/Cotton V-Neck
Although the 60% silk and 40% cotton were ultra soft, I didn't love this particular V-neck design and excessive sleeve length on my petite frame. Passed. 

2) Lynda Animal Print Cardigan (XS)
This cardigan wasn't love at first sight, but I soon adored it after trying it on. The sleeves' width and length weren't perfect, but this piece won me over in the end for its potential versatility in my closet. I envisioned pairing it with pencil skirts or cropped trousers for meetings and classes -especially on a rainy day! Purchased for $14.98 (orig. $69.50).

June 25, 2013

Black and White: Cutout Sweater & Lace Paneled Skirt

I wandered into Forever 21, several weeks ago, casually browsing for a cream skirt. I was interested in one that could complement and balance my petite frame when paired with some of my knits and longer tops. This one immediately caught my eyes mainly for its dainty lace pattern, unique lace panel, and frayed scallop hemline. To seal the deal, I found an XS (which F21 only carries in selected items)!
Sweater: Bisou Bisou
Skirt: Forever 21
Shoes: Target
Purse: Forever 21
Sunglasses: gifted

I kept the outfit simple in black and white -one of the hottest trends for this summer! The bold details from each piece (cutout sweater, lace skirt, strappy heels, woven chain-link purse) combined to exude a chic feminine street style : ).

May 30, 2013

Review: Gap's 2013 Slim Cropped Pants


I had been skimming through Gap and Banana Republic's websites sporadically for business-casual pants and white tailored blouses. The only items that caught my eyes were the Slim Cropped Pants under Gap's Premium Pant Collection. *Slim and cropped?* Even the name sounded perfect for someone petite like me! Better yet, it was as if I had hit jack-pot after reading that most reviews claimed they ran small and suggested to size up! When Gap recently ran their 30% off promo, I immediately ordered a khaki pair and this after seeing how well it looked on Wendy (also a fellow petite)! After using my reward credits, I paid about $11 for both. If interested, these pants are still available in 00P online!
those reward credits are finally put to good use :)

*For reference, I'm 4'11" and ~95 lbs.*

1) Slim Cropped Pant (00P; true black)
stock photo

May 7, 2013

Spring Green: Seafoam Blouse & Chartreuse Lace Shorts (and Updates)

I want to share a quick post and some updates since they've been long overdue. These pictures were taken a few days ago when the weather was pleasant unlike the unrelenting rain pouring outside as I'm writing this.
Shirt: Marshalls
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike Outlet
Sunglasses - Marshalls; Ring - Claire's; Earrings - Forever 21

Weather talk aside, I rarely have any luck finding items I adore at Marshalls (or its sister store TJ Maxx). However, this sleeveless blouse has got to be one of my favorites! The floral crochet peter pan collar is a lovely embellishment while the polyester material is breezy and easy to care for. Although, I'd caution not to machine-dry any crochet items as they're prone to wrinkle and shrinkage.

March 11, 2013

Rich Texture and Tone: Velvet & Royal Blue (and Quick Review)

At times, one's desire of showcasing an outfit doesn't go as planned. I assume this must be common, especially among fashion bloggers, as chasing the sun to capture natural lighting for photos can be quite bothersome. After a busy day of errands, the sun has long set by the time these photos are taken. Despite poor lighting, I still want to share them because I really enjoy the texture and tone of the outfit. The velvet legging not only keeps me warm but its rich texture also pairs luxuriously against a royal blue blouse and completes the outfit with my black wedges.
Blouse: Lands' End
Legging: Aerie
Purse: Forever 21
Shoes (worn with low cut socks): Ann Taylor

Quick Review

The legging has a good weight to it (doesn't feel cheap), wide waist band, and size XS fits me well throughout. I totally recommend it! It's a wardrobe staple for dressy or semi-casual days. For the blouse, size 2 (smallest size) is a little roomy in the sleeves but the semi-tapered cut on both sides of the blouse drapes nicely. Also, the (not-intended tunic) length works out for my petite frame as it covers the tush and crotch appropriately! A major con is the 100% polyester fabric is thin and clingy. Before heading out, I rub a dryer sheet on my cami and the inside of the blouse to prevent static cling as demonstrated here by Chriselle Lim. If interested, both legging and blouse are recent purchases so they should still be available.
Coat: Hollister

March 1, 2013

Colors Pairing: Burgundy & Pastel Lavender

As silly as it may sound, discovering good color pairings by chance makes me giddy. A huge smile suddenly appears on my face while I make mental note to take the outfit out for a spin when opportunity beckons! I adore the color combination of burgundy and pastel lavender. Together, they contrast yet exude subtle harmony. Personally, this color scheme is quite uncommon than a neutral with burgundy.
Sweater: American Eagle
Coat: Forever 21
Pleather Legging: Decree
Purse: Pac Sun
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Wanting to don something casual and comfortable, I use pleather legging as my base and pair the rest of the outfit around it. The wedge sneakers against the knit texture and smooth-finished of pleather add chicness to an otherwise casual outfit. Although I'd prefer if the knitting of this sweater is smaller, its slouchiness (comprises of dolman sleeves, wide neckline, and tunic length) makes it comfortable to stroll around in. 

February 17, 2013

Review: Loft Marisa + Julie Pants

Funny to say, I would have to attribute my motivation, for finally writing this post, to two sources: availability and laundry. It would defeat the purpose of this post if these items are no longer available on the market. Hence this review needs to be written and published! *Please don't mind the obvious point; it's just something I tell myself to get the job done ; ).* And secondly, I prefer to have new clothes washed before wearing them. Stack of items accumulate from various shopping trips, looking quite disheveled and unsightly in my closet, is no bueno!

1) Marisa Straight Leg Pants in Flat Wool Twill (00P)
  • fully lined (100% polyester)
  • nice luxe flat wool material (69% wool, 31% polyester)
  • belt loops
  • comes with an extra button
  • nice medium dusty rose which can be paired with various colors
  • sits lower on waist
  • non-functional front and back pockets
  • dry clean only
  • a little roomy in the legs and behind (if I were to nit-pick...but it is a "Straight Leg Pant" after all)
Verdict: purchased for $9.88 in store (originally $79.50)

This was the last one I saw at my store; check out your local LOFT if you're interested!