February 17, 2013

Review: Loft Marisa + Julie Pants

Funny to say, I would have to attribute my motivation, for finally writing this post, to two sources: availability and laundry. It would defeat the purpose of this post if these items are no longer available on the market. Hence this review needs to be written and published! *Please don't mind the obvious point; it's just something I tell myself to get the job done ; ).* And secondly, I prefer to have new clothes washed before wearing them. Stack of items accumulate from various shopping trips, looking quite disheveled and unsightly in my closet, is no bueno!

1) Marisa Straight Leg Pants in Flat Wool Twill (00P)
  • fully lined (100% polyester)
  • nice luxe flat wool material (69% wool, 31% polyester)
  • belt loops
  • comes with an extra button
  • nice medium dusty rose which can be paired with various colors
  • sits lower on waist
  • non-functional front and back pockets
  • dry clean only
  • a little roomy in the legs and behind (if I were to nit-pick...but it is a "Straight Leg Pant" after all)
Verdict: purchased for $9.88 in store (originally $79.50)

This was the last one I saw at my store; check out your local LOFT if you're interested!