August 30, 2015

Musing: Denouement of a Dream

In addition to fashion topics, this blog is also a creative outlet for me to share my written works (e.g. That's Not Anyone Else). I enjoy capturing moments in words, or at least attempt to, just as with candid/aesthetic moments in photos. I have accumulated almost a hundred poems and journal entries over the years. The title, Denouement of a Dream, was inspired by a song title. I was very much intrigued upon seeing and listening to it. The idea behind Denouement of a Dream came from how I tend to wake up from a dream (and I rarely dream!) feeling confused, dazed, left at the climax, and pondering over what the ending was or could be... 

Denouement of a Dream

On every block,
Skyscapers rise with pride and confidence
Neon-light signs beam with accomplishment

I feel so small in this surrounding 

One droplet, then comes another
I come to a stop amidst a moving crowd
And look up while the rain streams down

The sky has turned off its lights as it cries 

I resume meandering to some distance
Uncertain of what, but to search for something 
People dash towards shelters or scramble for umbrellas 

Am I drenched in heaven's blessing?

When the downpour can't stop falling
And the horizon ahead remains colorless
Will tomorrow come?

I gently close my eyes...
Montage of our memories appear in black and white
And I just can't erase your absence
Will it become a problem?

I realize...the last part of a dream is always bittersweet

August 10, 2015

A Thankful Heart: Sheer Textured Blouse + Skinny Jeans

Although my plans of traveling to Southeast Asia failed short, I couldn't have asked for a more eventful summer. My fantasy of sipping on a cup of iced coffee amidst the busy scene of mopeds maneuvering to their destinations and relishing in local dishes didn't materialize. Instead, there were plenty of laughter and memories to fill my heart with warm feelings and thankfulness. 
Shirt: Banana Republic
Pant: GAP
Shoes & Watch: Target

Sunglasses: Marshalls
Please excuse the awkward hand movement of me trying to fix my hair. 
Side Note: The fabric inside, around the sleeveless areas and hemlines, aren't sown into the shirt -overall wouldn't recommend it!

And I came to realize (albeit belatedly and as cheesy as it may sound) that the destination of where I travel didn't matter as long as it was with good company. Just like the flowers that are currently in bloom and in forty-three more days the season will transition into autumn, I'll continue to cherish these memories with a thankful heart and a grateful smile. 

June 11, 2015

Musing: That's Not Anyone Else

This post is a tribute to John Nash who has recently passed away. I first learned about him through A Beautiful Mind, which then inspired the birth of That's Not Anyone Else. The inspiration that I felt was vividly galvanizing that immediately after the movie ended, I remembered typing up a storm of ideas and phrases. 

That’s Not Anyone Else

When that day comes again,
Being thrown into a storm then left abandoned
Revoking the pain that you’ve repressed
Darkening the world that you’ve tried to rebuild

I know how much it hurts…

Your cries for justice and mercy
Everything deepens when neither cared
They continue on with their glorious life
Pass you by with their judgmental glares
The people who are perfect in every way
Gradually your hatred against them grows

I understand how hard it is for you…

But dear friend,
Please listen to this story:

He can achieve what he wants
Live in a world that others desire
Possess anything and everything
This is what it seems superficially
No one knows he’s suffering internally
The illness struck him like a sudden storm
It deprives his sanity and left him–
An eternal uncontrollable madness…
Wreaking the world that he has mastered
Tearing apart his soul and mind
Isolating him from the rest of society
And leaving him to wander the world in search for his memories

Dear friend,
I understand…

Please don’t neglect yourself
Retrieve your soul and mind
Reawaken your conscience
Let go of the past and its pain
Try again and again to live this life
The world has so much more to give
Don’t abandon it

You’re always here in my thoughts and prayers
Dear friend…

February 20, 2015

Metro Monochromatic: A-Lined Skirt and New Balance

This winter has been unrelenting and doesn't seem to cease any time soon. Outside is blanketed in snow accompanied by excruciating wind. Despite the frigid temperature, the scene is ideal for a photo shoot of snow angels, artistic and expressive shots like something taken out of photojournalism or cinematography. 

These photos were taken a while back when the weather was pleasant and breezy -long before the season has transitioned into its current state of monochromatic stillness.  
Shirt: American Eagle
Skirt: Express
Shoes: New Balance 501
Sunglasses: Marshalls

Today marks the day after Lunar New Year. From another perspective, it's also a limbo state between yesterday and tomorrow -full of reminiscence and hopefulness. For what day or state it may be, I wish you a happy one.