Friday, July 12, 2013

Fitting Room Review: Banana Republic's Post-Independence-Day Sale


June and July are months of major retail sales with plenty of shops running their semi-annual clearance and various steep discounts. Yesterday as I was walking to Macy's for an errand, I casually glanced at Banana Republic and noticed their orange door sticker of 40% off. I retraced several steps to check if I misread the sign because BR rarely offers a steep discount. Turned out, it was extra 40% off sale items! 

1) Essential Silk/Cotton V-Neck (XS; pale gold)
Essential Silk/Cotton V-Neck
Although the 60% silk and 40% cotton were ultra soft, I didn't love this particular V-neck design and excessive sleeve length on my petite frame. Passed. 

2) Lynda Animal Print Cardigan (XS)
This cardigan wasn't love at first sight, but I soon adored it after trying it on. The sleeves' width and length weren't perfect, but this piece won me over in the end for its potential versatility in my closet. I envisioned pairing it with pencil skirts or cropped trousers for meetings and classes -especially on a rainy day! Purchased for $14.98 (orig. $69.50).

3) Non-Iron Fitted Sateen Shirt (00P)
I needed more formal button ups and scored this one in my size at a good price! The sleeves were a little long, but that's just a common issue of mine. Strangely, the wrist openings were tight when buttoned. Purchased for $18.58 (orig. $59.50).

4) Timeless Crewneck Tee (XS; aruba sea)
Timeless Crewneck Tee
5) Pieced Three-Quarter Sleeve Tee (XS; ultra yellow)
Pieced Three-Quarter Sleeve Tee
#4, #5, and this one were basics that I just needed to stock up given the nice quality and attractive price tags. I planned to shrink the crew-neck tee in the dryer as the torso length was a little long on me. Regarding the striped tee, the tapered cut defined my waist area nicely. In respective order, purchased for $7.19 (orig. $22.50), $11.99 (orig. $39.50), $8.99 (orig. $39.50). 

6) Seersucker Blazer (0)
This seersucker blazer, fully lined, would had been perfect for spring/summer and an awesome steal for someone a few inches taller than me. It reminded me of Alterations Needed's Theory, but presumably, at a much affordable price of $28! My local BR still carried full rack along with matching shorts (perfect as a short suit ensemble!) If I hadn't recently spent some money on alterations, I might considered it. I also tried on this Sleeveless Linen Blazer ($17.39) in size 0 regular, but left it behind despite how much I wished it wasn't too wide on me. Online offers 00P but still retails at $98. 

If anyone is interested, I included my receipt for your convenience to locate using item numbers. I paid less than $20 for everything after using my $45 rewards.


  1. wow you got such great deals on everything! I went to BR two weeks ago and they were having 40% off too but most the clearance items were still pretty expensive and anything that I did like was sold out in XS or 0.

    I really love the blazer too! too bad it doesn't fit :(

    1. The blazer is def a steal if you can fit regular sizing in suits! My local BR still carries full racks of them with matching shorts, striped tees, and button-ups but all in regular 0 or XS, if you're interested in checking out different locations. Without the sale, I wouldn't have even considered walking home with any though as the price range is pretty high for my student budget.