August 10, 2015

A Thankful Heart: Sheer Textured Blouse + Skinny Jeans

Although my plans of traveling to Southeast Asia failed short, I couldn't have asked for a more eventful summer. My fantasy of sipping on a cup of iced coffee amidst the busy scene of mopeds maneuvering to their destinations and relishing in local dishes didn't materialize. Instead, there were plenty of laughter and memories to fill my heart with warm feelings and thankfulness. 
Shirt: Banana Republic
Pant: GAP
Shoes & Watch: Target

Sunglasses: Marshalls
Please excuse the awkward hand movement of me trying to fix my hair. 
Side Note: The fabric inside, around the sleeveless areas and hemlines, aren't sown into the shirt -overall wouldn't recommend it!

And I came to realize (albeit belatedly and as cheesy as it may sound) that the destination of where I travel didn't matter as long as it was with good company. Just like the flowers that are currently in bloom and in forty-three more days the season will transition into autumn, I'll continue to cherish these memories with a thankful heart and a grateful smile. 

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