August 30, 2015

Musing: Denouement of a Dream

In addition to fashion topics, this blog is also a creative outlet for me to share my written works (e.g. That's Not Anyone Else). I enjoy capturing moments in words, or at least attempt to, just as with candid/aesthetic moments in photos. I have accumulated almost a hundred poems and journal entries over the years. The title, Denouement of a Dream, was inspired by a song title. I was very much intrigued upon seeing and listening to it. The idea behind Denouement of a Dream came from how I tend to wake up from a dream (and I rarely dream!) feeling confused, dazed, left at the climax, and pondering over what the ending was or could be... 

Denouement of a Dream

On every block,
Skyscapers rise with pride and confidence
Neon-light signs beam with accomplishment

I feel so small in this surrounding 

One droplet, then comes another
I come to a stop amidst a moving crowd
And look up while the rain streams down

The sky has turned off its lights as it cries 

I resume meandering to some distance
Uncertain of what, but to search for something 
People dash towards shelters or scramble for umbrellas 

Am I drenched in heaven's blessing?

When the downpour can't stop falling
And the horizon ahead remains colorless
Will tomorrow come?

I gently close my eyes...
Montage of our memories appear in black and white
And I just can't erase your absence
Will it become a problem?

I realize...the last part of a dream is always bittersweet

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