March 11, 2013

Rich Texture and Tone: Velvet & Royal Blue (and Quick Review)

At times, one's desire of showcasing an outfit doesn't go as planned. I assume this must be common, especially among fashion bloggers, as chasing the sun to capture natural lighting for photos can be quite bothersome. After a busy day of errands, the sun has long set by the time these photos are taken. Despite poor lighting, I still want to share them because I really enjoy the texture and tone of the outfit. The velvet legging not only keeps me warm but its rich texture also pairs luxuriously against a royal blue blouse and completes the outfit with my black wedges.
Blouse: Lands' End
Legging: Aerie
Purse: Forever 21
Shoes (worn with low cut socks): Ann Taylor

Quick Review

The legging has a good weight to it (doesn't feel cheap), wide waist band, and size XS fits me well throughout. I totally recommend it! It's a wardrobe staple for dressy or semi-casual days. For the blouse, size 2 (smallest size) is a little roomy in the sleeves but the semi-tapered cut on both sides of the blouse drapes nicely. Also, the (not-intended tunic) length works out for my petite frame as it covers the tush and crotch appropriately! A major con is the 100% polyester fabric is thin and clingy. Before heading out, I rub a dryer sheet on my cami and the inside of the blouse to prevent static cling as demonstrated here by Chriselle Lim. If interested, both legging and blouse are recent purchases so they should still be available.
Coat: Hollister

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